This is a PV of ispack REVO type. We went to "TAKAO-SAN" Very famous & beutiful small mountain in Tokyo. It takes about 1 hour to get there by train from Shinjuku. VERY BEUTIFUL! If you have a chance to come to Tokyo, please visit there! Ispack REVO type is very good size for hiking these small Mountain. Sit down on the ispack and eating "ODANGO" (Japanese traditional sweets) and feel the nature with your good friends! How wonderful ! Please check!!


size spec of ispack revo.

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th_ispack_lime_pink_f.jpgfront viewth_ispack_lime_pink_l.jpgfront size viewth_ispack_lime_pink_ls.jpgsize viewth_ispack_lime_pink_b.jpgback viewth_P1170241.jpgmodel height 147cmth_P1170240.jpgmodel height 147cm