This HQ model you can not detach the chair.

The body is made with 1680d nylon fabric. Very durable. The maximum weight capacity is 100Kg! Very durable.


Back of the main flap, you can store pens and sun glasses, etc.


You can store important things like wallet,etc. in the back pocket. When you use ispack as a chair, you can store the shoulder belt in the mesh pocket, so that you do not have to worry about shoulder belt getting dirty from the ground.


reflectors on the shoulder strap and front pocket


ispack icons

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th_P1170637.jpg YKK high quality zippers
th_P1170652.jpgunder seat pocket

th_カメラポケットHQ.jpgThere is a cam pocket inside of the main conpartment.
th_P1170634.jpgdrink holder
th_防水.jpgwater resist base

th_P1170663.jpgfront viewth_P1170666.jpgsize viewth_P1170669.jpgback viewth_P1170663.jpgblackth_ispackHQ_grey_pic.jpggreyth_P1170635.jpgfront pocket
th_P1170638.jpgbook strapth_P1170640.jpgwallet pocketth_P1170646.jpgkey hooksth_P1170673.jpghigh quality embroidery logoth_背負い感4.jpgmodel height 180cmth_背負い感3.jpgmodel height 162cm