Everybody loves amusement parks! Yeah me too!! But nobody likes standing in the line for a long time. If you are with children… OMG. I don't want to think about it. That makes a happy day to tired day… But if you have ISPACK with you, at least small children can have a seat and stop crying. That makes everybody happy!!.


I often use the airport. The airport is always cloud of people. It is hard to look for the place you can keep your private at there. Once you have a seat on the long sofa, you can not open your lap top because a man next you are watching… Or, finally you gotta seat, but ?!? a man next you smells strong!!!?! It is very hard to find a private space in the airport. But, if you have ISPACK with you, just bring ISPACK to the quiet wall side. there are no seat beside you. You can get a very quiet private space ! What's more, your important documents and wallets are under your hip, nobody will stole them. I can tell from my experience! IIT IS VERY CONVENIENT !!


If you have a chance to come to Japan, I reccomend you "come the begining of April" You will see wonderful cherry blossoms all over. Once you see it, you will feel you are in Japan. With ISPACK Sit under the cherry blossom tree, and drink SAKE or BEER! (Japan is a happy country, if you are over 20years old, you can drink alcohol even in the public place!!(^^). In tokyo, you should go to UENO PARK. Please make some new Japanese friends at there and enjoy Japanese Cherry blossom party with ISPACK!!


In the Winter, I love to go to snowboard with my friends! I use Libtech Skunkape 161cm This snowboard is great!! When you go to snowboard, Where do you change your boots? Sitting on the snow?? No Way!! That's cold! If you have ISPACK with you, you can set on ISPACK and change your boot very easily. Bring lunch sandwiches with you and put ISPACK on the base of the snow park or half pipe, When you get tired, you can just sit on ISPACK have lunch. Fun to watch your friends' riding.

th_328882-1.jpgwaiting in the line of new reliase products


th_P1140660.jpgsummer festival


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